Dr Dre total Net Worth and Salary : Dr. Dre ( original name is Andre Romelle Young) is the famous American rapper, music producer and entrepreneur who have estimated net worth of $780 million US dollars.

Dr Dre has been mentioned severally in the music industry for quite a long time. He is one of the best music producers in the world. Many top artists in the world have passed through his hands. He is credited to having discovered Eminem and Tupac. Apart from his role as a music producer, He is also a musician, actor and an self-entrepreneur. He knows how to combine his different ventures to make a successful career. His career success is defined by the amount of money he has in his net account.

Dr Dre is one of the richest musicians in the world. He has an amazing total net worth of $780 million in his account. This amount has made him become a top earner in music. His name has constantly appeared in the list of the richest musicians in the world. Forbes named him the richest musician in the last quarter of 2014. He is still active in music and his income is expected to rise in the near future.

Dr Dre’s Career and Source of Income

Though he is now a millionaire, he began his career as a DJ in LA. After meeting with fellow rapper, Ice Cube, he joined the rap project N.W.A. After a long series of rapping, Andre got into music production. This is where he made much of his money. Music has been a major contributor to his huge income. His major source of income has directly come from the sale of Beats by Dre.

Beats by Dre Sale

In 2008, Andre launched a line of premium headphones. He partnered with Jimmy Lovine to make the headphones a success. The headphones run under the brand name Beats By Dre. In 2014, Apple Inc acquired Beats by Dre at an amazing $3 billion. Dre had 25% shares at the time of sale and he got $750 million before taxes which translates to $500 million after taxes. This sale boosted his net worth and salary. He previously had $280 million from his music venture and added the $500 million to make an impressive $780 million.

By looking at the current growth of his headphone line we can see that he will soon reach benchmark of $1000 million USD. What do you say? how much you could earn within next 5 years. Share your views and opinion about him by commenting here.

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